Formación Avanzada de 300 Horas Yin Yang

Certifica Yoga Alliance y Yoga Soul Monkeys

22 de Febrero al 27 de Marzo

2020 - Santiago - Chile

Descubre tu verdadero potencial y compartelo con el mundo

Hemos creado esta Formación con el objetivo de brindar nuevos conceptos e inspiración para los Profesores de Yoga activos. Desarrollamos un curriculum donde entregaremos conceptos de Medicina China y Yin Yoga junto con el aporte Científico de la Anatomía Aplicada y Biomecánica en Vinyasa Yoga. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarte a crear clases terapéuticas de Vinyasa de carácter meditativo.


    • ॐ Asana, Pranayama y Meditación
    • ॐ Anatomía y Fisiología aplicada al Yoga
    • ॐ Ajustes Manuales, Cómo y Cuándo utilizarlos? 
    • ॐ Estructuras avanzadas de Vinyasa Krama, Mandala Vinyasa 
    • ॐYin Yoga
    • ॐ Estructura de Clases Yin y Yang
    • ॐ Anatomía Empática y su aplicación en clases abiertas
    • ॐ Estructura de clases Privadas
    • ॐ Estructuras de Marketing para crear un negocio Yoguico
    • ॐ Bandha y Kriya Yoga
    • ॐ Metodología de la enseñanza
    • ॐ Practica personal, autoconocimiento y desarrollo personal.
    • ॐ Yoga Terapeútico
    • ॐ Inversiones y balances de brazos
    • ॐ Historia y Filosofía del Yoga
    • ॐ Clases de Meditación 


  • 7:00 – 8:00: Pranayama, Kriya, Bandha.
  • 8:00 – 8:15: Mini Break
  • 8:15 – 10:00: Asana
  • 10:00 – 11:30: Des-Ayuno
  • 11:30 – 14:00: Filosofía, Anatomía y Metodología de la Enseñanza
  • 14:00 – 14:30 Almuerzo
  • 14:30 – 16:30: Asana Lab
  • 16:30 – 18:00: Desarrollo personal, Meditación y Yin Yoga
  • 18:00 LIBERTAD!

For this training we choose Bali as our Home. It takes only to land in this place to feel the magic in it.

We have come to Bali for the last 4 years, looking for the best place to study and live. 

This place is UBUD. The most spiritual part of the Island of Bali. Every house has a temple to celebrate their daily offerings to the living and the dead.

Ubud has been influenced by the Western World in one of the most beautiful and harmonious ways. Making this place, not just a Yogic destination but also a culinary destination. Having more than 20 Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants all around with some of the most delicious cruelty-free meals.

We believe that a Yoga Teacher Training is not just a moment to learn more about Anatomy, Yoga and Teaching Methodology but actually a retreat. This is why we have chosen Ubud, a gorgeous fusion between Balinese and Western Style. 

The program comes with accommodation and brunch included, we wanted to give you space to go around Ubud and explore the amazing culinary scene in the evenings. All rooms are private with a double bed and private bathroom.

Hemos creado esta formación con el objetivo de ayudarte a construir practicas con las que puedas cultivar conciencia plena (mindfulness), calmar y observar tu mente, sanar y despertar el poder de tu cuerpo físico, y conocer en profundidad tu verdadero Ser Interior.

Curriculum 300 Horas

In this training, you will have a total of 300hrs of Vinyasa and Yin yoga which together will give you the option to teach purely vinyasa, Yin yoga or Yin Yang flow. Yin Yang flow is a blend of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga that gives you a very well rounded skill set to achieve what you want to present to your students. You will also gain the additional knowledge and skill of Thai Massage. This can be used with your clients and students as a complement to their practice or as a technique to give an assisted stretch. 

This is an opportunity for any Yoga teacher who wants to expand their knowledge and practice. We are offering 3 separate and independent training that together creates a very complete 300 hours TTC. 

You can choose to take only one of this module, two or take the 3 of them.  If you can we highly recommend you to take the opportunity and take the 3 training, as it will give you a profound and complete education. After the certification day, you will be 500hrs certified. (with your previous 200hrs)

The power of movement, strength, and flexibility, through Vinyasa Yoga and Teaching Methodology

The dynamic of Vinyasa will give you the opportunity to teach a playful and more active type of Yoga although taught in a mindful way always looking after the students, encouraging them to be present, respectful and gentle with the body and mind. 

Some of our principals are: not force, no rush or push our bodies and minds, in order to achieve a specific posture or rhythm.

We want to teach you to guide a Yoga Class in a way that people feels safe, accepted and with their needs addressed.

We will be exploring in depth the science behind movement and meditation through movement and stillness.

We are in a very important time in history, right now the old paradigm of Asana movement and anatomy is falling apart by the number of injuries we see in practitioners and the numerous studies that show what we are really doing to our bodies when we practice traditionally. 

Our job in this training is to teach you to make the practice available to every single human being that comes to practice, and how to really teach a multi-level class, reading the needs and the possibilities of the participants of each class, And how to include every type of body, making them feeling safe, and allowing the Flow State to rise above the fluctuations of an overstimulated, analytical and competitive mind. 

One of our main focuses in this Training is Teaching Methodology. We will share with you the tools to create efficient and coherent sequences and dynamics flows for a safe, fun and welcoming class, with different levels and needs.

Some of the aspects that we will be focusing on the yang part of the practice or Vinyasa will be:

– Teaching with the intention of giving options to the different type of bodies and needs that we find in each class.

– Giving people specific and clear instructions to follow the class without being pushed, force or rush. The only success that we celebrate is the success of making people feel welcome, safe, accepted and cared. 

    • Offering progressions to prepare the body to increase body awareness, strength, and flexibility, over time and repetition.
    • Creating sequences that are playful, creative and coherent to encourage the life healing energy to flow through the bodies and minds, freely and easily.
  • Marketing & Communicating with your Yoga business: Learning communication and production skills to help you and guide you to put your self and your message out in the community, knowing and believing that your contribution matters and that you were born to success.

The power of stillness through Yin Yoga, Meditation and Thai massage

In this module, we will be exploring the science and art of meditation, the anatomy and fundamentals for a Yin practice and the path of meridians and it’s emotions associated. All this will be the foundation to present the art of Thai massage and therapeutic adjustments. We are lucky enough to have Claudia Martinez in our team. She is a certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Massage Teacher, she will be giving us a glimpse into the infinite world of the elements within us and the movement of Qi through the main meridians, the mind and the body.

We will dive in-depth into Meditation, at the end of this training you will be capable to guide meditation classes in itself or within a Yoga Class.

We will explore the Buddhism practice of meditation, mindfulness, and meditation with Yoga elements as mantra, pranayama, and visualizations.

The Power of Stillness in Motion through Yin and Yang Flow 

This training only can be taken having previous Yin training and Vinyasa Training. 

In this training, we will take care of the 3 bodies, physical, mental and spiritual.

Once we discovered the power and the transformation that we all can experience through movement and stillness, we blended together with those 2 aspects in a way of practicing, teaching, living and connecting. It is a healing path to nourish the body and the mind by balancing both forces, feminine and masculine, solar and lunar, active and passive, so we can get those therapeutic benefits from the yin & yang energy, which can be translated in every aspect of our life.

Where the feminine and the masculine energies are in balance, there is peace and health.

We will teach you to blend Vinyasa and Yin Yoga to create classes that are both different, invigorating and calming for your 3 different bodies. Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies. 

The equation is endless, we can begin a class with yang or vinyasa and finish with yin, or begin with yin and finish with yang, or a bit of each through the entire class, all up to your creativity and intention for each class.

Disclaimer: The first book that shows Yoga Asanas is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika in the 16 hundreds. Before that, there was no explanation of asana other than the ones in the Yoga Sutras. There are 2 sutras in 300 of them that talk about asana. There has been a stagnation towards the way that the feet have to be placed, the hands have to be placed, the head has to be placed. This will make sense if there was only one human body. But there is actually millions of different bodies and the practice has to acknowledge this. 

We change the paradigm of an alignment centered practice to a spacious feeling centered practice. Real love and acceptance to your body. Real love and acceptance are to enjoy the practice, to make peace with how the pose looks and enjoy the real paradise that lives inside of us all, the Yoga that lives inside of us all. Yoga will not come when both of your legs can move behind your head but will be there when you listen to the space that your body has at the moment.

In this training, our intention is to invite you to practice in a way that you listen to the energy inside of you, move slowly and with control, with active natural movement, without pushing or pulling with another limb or using momentum or gravity. Feel your practice as a message to your self, like a love song to every cell of your body, breathless and calmer, this is the ultimate state of pranayama, breathing less than normal while doing more. Be happy with what you have, and what it is in the moment it is a lot. You are already in a transformative path towards a better self. 

Sharing the Love OM

Simon and Claudia

Yoga Soul Monkeys. 

Esta formación tiene como principal objetivo formar Yoguis que viven en un mundo moderno. Funcionando las enseñanzas tradicionales del Yoga con los estudios de la Neurociencia, Fisiología y Metodología de la enseñanza para ayudarte no solo a mejorar tu práctica y el contenido de tus clases, sino también a vivir una vida Yóguica en el siglo XXI.






Teaching Methodology

History and Philosophy

Art and cience of breathing. Sanscrit is an organic language, this means the words construct by fusing two or more words. In this case, we can find 3 words inside Pranayama. “Prana” means breath or air, but it also means vital energy and Universal energy. “Ayama” means expansion, or to stretch.  We can also find the word “Yama” that represents control. Every morning we will be working on the control expansion and stretch of breath and vital energy.  The end goal of Pranayama is not to breath more than normal (hyperventilation) but to breath less (Hypoventilation) while doing more. 

Every day we will have two 90 minutes Asana classes. We will be tailoring each class to serve as a practice for all the theory we will explore. Our main goal in an Asana practice is to move the energy within, to allow the energetic channels to be unblocked and let the energy (Prana) and consciousness (Citta) reach to every single cell in the body.  Our style is predominantly Vinyasa, linking every each movement together with the breath.  Giving meaning to each pose, layering one step of the practice at the time, Asana, Bandha (energetic lock), Drishti ( focal point), Pranayama (breath), Mudra (energetic seal), Mantra (sound wave) and Dharana (concentration).

Meditation is one of the structural pillars of our teachings. Yoga IS meditation, and can’t be separated.  We have been working to give you depth in the scientifically proven benefits that meditation has on your nervous System, giving for the first time in the western world, a tool to achieve Neuroplasticity. Something that Yogis explained thousands of years ago and named pratyahara, dhyana, and dharana as the path to bliss. Our intention for this month intensive is to allow you to feel the short-term benefits of Meditation. We will offer you different types of meditations, for you to find one that you enjoy and you are able to present it to a class and hold the space of a meditation class.

We are proud to have Simon in our team. He has an extensive knowledge in Anatomy. Giving us a modern approach to Anatomy and Physiology of the body. He will be showing us how structurally we are all different and the way poses can be constructed to allow the asana to be shaped by the Yogi and not the Yogi pushed to become the Asana. He calls this Empathic Anatomy, a very important aspect of both your practice and your teachings, allowing you to work with Ahimsa (non- violence or being gentle) in every class, honoring the different needs of each unique being that walks into your class. 

One of the most important intentions for a true teacher is to help you find YOUR OWN STYLE.  We understand that each one of the students needs their own educational process to unlock their true potential. This process is co-created between teacher and student. As a teacher, you will embark an everlasting journey to learn from each one of your students. 

Our intention is to help you understand that teaching is to take care of and enlight the spark in every student, help them walk their path with more tools and instead of answering their questions, question their answers. This is also the way we will be relating to the classes, co-creating knowledge as a group.

We will also help you find your way of sequencing in an organic and natural way for you. This is the main reason why nothing beats experience on the road to love and devotion to who you are. From experience is where teachers are born, not from knowledge.

To be able to talk about Yoga, we need to establish that Yoga is a Life Style and not a Style of life or a physical practice. This is why from day one we will be working on cultivating the moral and ethical aspects of Yoga as a teacher and as a human. 

Yoga Soul Monkeys believes that Yoga ( The union of universal consciousness with the individual consciousness) is natural to all of us. It is inherent and intrinsic, we are born in a state of Ananda. Our job in this training as teachers will be to help you remember your state of unity and the wise master that lives within you. 

Our program is based on the ancestral and traditional philosophy of Yoga. With a big devotion to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

We will be exploring the mythology of Yoga and the History of different schools of Yoga. To, hopefully, find the style that resonates more with you.

In this training, you will have a total of 300hrs of Meditation, Vinyasa and Yin yoga which together will give you the option to teach purely meditation, vinyasa, Yin yoga or Yin Yang flow. Yin Yang flow is a blend of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. You will also gain the additional knowledge and skill of Thai Massage. This can be used with your clients and students as a complement to their practice or assisted stretching.


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After 30/05/2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price include all meals? 

The final price includes brunch.  We will have a big breakfast with Vegetables, Fruits, eggs (if you like them), juice, coffee and tea. You can at any time purchase more food at the bar. They have a selection of different dishes.

Can I teach Yoga after this Training?

You will be certified to teach public Yoga classes at the end of the TTC. We all have different times to step into this journey, but you can be sure that we will give you all the tools to teach a safe and transformative class when you feel ready to do so.

How much experience do I need? 

We ask for at least a Year experience teaching. This Training is 300 hours intensive, this is why we recommend having a regular practice. Even if you have 10 years of practice we demand a daily Asana practice for 3 months before the TTC.  This will prepare your body to do that amount of Yoga and will help you to find the places of weakness, tightness, and imbalance, to work on the training.

Is this training Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes, it includes a 3×100 hours Yoga Alliance certifications.

How can I move around Ubud?

We recommend to rent a motorbike. It is not to hard to drive and you can always go slower. They are super cheap to rent and really convenient to drive around. If you don’t feel like driving a motorbike, Kakul has a taxi that for a moderate price, can drive you around.

Do I need a visa?

Most of the passports get a Visa on arrival of 30 days, that is completely free. But you should find that out about your country.

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