Empowering health through light. Healing is moving, movement is life.

About Claudia

About Claudia

I believe in movement, mindfulness, connection, and playfulness as a door way to expansion and liberation.

I was lucky enough at the age of 23, to understand that love is the principal force on earth that moves us and enlight us all. That is when I started a beautiful awakening process, which took me to embody my dharma, realizing my healing gifts and contribution to this world. In 2005 I left home and university to go to travel the world and find my spiritual teachers.

Since then I have dedicated to dedicate my life to learn how to work with energy and how to use it to heal the mind and the body. I found so much joy and liberation in it, that I started to share it, to give it, and teach it. My journey took me to a variety of disciplines and practices and with them, I help others to open their hearts, to unlock their power and to access their unlimited potential, to become their own healers and teachers.

Continuing the service of giving something uplifting to the world, I had created with Simon Rodrigue, Yoga Soul Monkeys, mindful movement, based on love, spirituality and meaningful connections, teaching and sharing around the world.

We create spaces and opportunities for people to connect with themselves and others, having the experience of learning to trust, to expand, and to open up to the unlimited flow of life and freedom.

Join us, Let’s Connect!


Claudia runs healing workshops around the world to empower people to free themselves from the mind limitations. Using powerful techniques to create positive habits. Both body and mind.



Every class you take with Claudia is a beautifull invitation to dive into your own power,  an oportunitie to relase and let go. Both challenging and relaxing Claudia loves to create flows that will free your mind and your body.





We believe that movement, mindfulness, meaningful connections and playfulness are some of the most powerful ways of awakening and liberation.

We create spaces for people to have the opportunity to learn to trust, to be open, to expand in happiness and joy by feeling connected to their soul.



“Happiness  only real when  shared” C. McCandless.


Acro is for me a way of expansion, not just as a  movement, but as a way to practice how to relate to each other with more trust, more acceptance and more play. That is what we present in every AcroYoga class. A way of liberation through connection.


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