About Simón

About Simón

Since a young age, Simón had two main passions.  To move and to understand how the mind works. He explored the fields of Philosophy and Psychology looking for answers and techniques to control the mind but nothing really made sense to him. That is when he found Yoga and meditation. A discipline that can give you the tools to become the master of your mind, to find a real meaning to life and a fun way of keeping your body healthy. Since then Simón has been studying and practicing the gifts of Yoga in many other disciplines, finding that it only enhances any other aspect of one’s life.


In every class with Simón you will find an invitation to dive in to yourself, to cultivate mindfulness with a healthy amount of playfulness. Simon’s style takes practices from different disciplines as Kundalini, Vinyasa, Pranayama and  Arm balances with a principle focused on liberating the energy that runs on your spine.



The most powerful tool that ancient civilization gave us. A practice that can change the structure of your brain making it plastic and malleable.

The invitation is to release, to forget our minds and to absorb the beauty inside us all.


When we talk about ways of liberation very rarely we talk about the mindfulness required to relate and work with others and how that affects your inner practice. That is what we share in Acro, the art of partnering. A trust building, challenging and fun way to relate to anyone.  A way of finding a much nicer you when playing with others. And of course some funky moves!


Our vision is to contribute with the awakening process that we are living in humanity right now. Helping everyone to become more loving, accepting a creative being.

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